Important Information

We work with hunters from near, far and from around the world. We work to provide a quality mount and to ensure that it gets to you in the condition that it leaves our studio. 

Time Frame

​We aim to have your trophies turned around in approximately 10 months. Sometimes there is a delay between you hunting your trophy and us receiving them.  So the 10 months starts from when they reach us and will contact you with a confirmation email when they arrive at our studio. 


Your outfitter has a list of our current prices, sometimes you may have contacted us prior to coming to New Zealand and we will have given you a quote.  Once we have received your trophies and paperwork, we will confirm the prices in the confirmation email. All prices quoted are in New Zealand dollars.  


We have to provide documentation to accompany the trophies and all trophies that leave New Zealand must leave in a crate that meets a certain standard.  There is a crate/crating/permit cost. 

Detachable Antlers 

On all trophy stags going overseas we add detachable antlers, this is for several reasons:

1. It decreases the size of the crate required to ship your trophies            over seas and therefore it costs less to ship.  

2. Some of the trophy stags can be very large and difficult for people      to move around their homes.  These enables you to move the              trophies around with ease.  

3. Some of the smaller deer species e.g. Fallow stags, Sika stags, we      don’t always put detachable antlers on if we think that you will not      save money on shipping. 

Freighting Information

We work with a team of experts that specialise in the importing and exporting of animal products. If you have a freight forwarding agent that you use, as a team, we will work with them to ensure your mount reaches your home as quickly and safely as possible. If you do not have a freight forwarding agent then we can recommend one close to your destination.

In most countries hunting trophies have to be cleared at a port.  In the USA they have to be cleared at a designated Wildlife Port.  We arrange the shipping of the trophies to your closest Wildlife Port.  Click Here to establish your closest port.  
The freight price we give you will be from our business in New Zealand to the closest clearing port in your country.  This will be based on crate size and destination.  Once the trophies reach that destination they must be cleared by a clearing/customs agent.  They clear the trophies at the designated port and then send them on to you.   We will require the details of your customs/clearing agent so that they are contacted directly advising when the trophies are leaving New Zealand.  There is a cost of employing a customs agent.  We ask that you contact them directly to establish costs.

Please visit the following links to USA clearing agents that previous clients have previously used:

1. Coppersmith Logistics 

2. Well Worldwide Logistics Energy Logistics

3. Hunter International Broker Services Inc.